Package tabula

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const (
    SpaceHomePlayer      int8 = 0
    SpaceHomeOpponent    int8 = 25
    SpaceBarPlayer       int8 = 26
    SpaceBarOpponent     int8 = 27
    SpaceRoll1           int8 = 28
    SpaceRoll2           int8 = 29
    SpaceRoll3           int8 = 30
    SpaceRoll4           int8 = 31
    SpaceEnteredPlayer   int8 = 32 // Whether the player has fully entered the board. Only used in acey-deucey games.
    SpaceEnteredOpponent int8 = 33 // Whether the opponent has fully entered the board. Only used in acey-deucey games.
    SpaceVariant         int8 = 34 // 0 - Backgammon, 1 - Acey-deucey, 2 - Tabula.
const (
    VariantBackgammon int8 = 0
    VariantAceyDeucey int8 = 1
    VariantTabula     int8 = 2


var (
    WeightBlot     = 0.9
    WeightHit      = -1.0
    WeightOppScore = -0.9
var (
    AnalysisBufferSize    = 128
    SubAnalysisBufferSize = 3072
var QueueBufferSize = 4096000
var Verbose bool

func PseudoPips

func PseudoPips(player int8, space int8, variant int8) int

type Analysis

type Analysis struct {
    Board Board
    Moves [4][2]int8
    Past  bool
    Score float64

    Pips        int
    Blots       int
    Hits        int
    PlayerScore float64

    OppPips  float64
    OppBlots float64
    OppHits  float64
    OppScore float64
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Analysis) String

func (a *Analysis) String() string

type BEIServer

type BEIServer struct {

func NewBEIServer

func NewBEIServer() *BEIServer

func (*BEIServer) Listen

func (s *BEIServer) Listen(address string)

type Board

Board represents the state of a game. It contains spaces for the checkers, as well as four "spaces" which contain the available die rolls.

type Board [boardSpaces]int8

func NewBoard

func NewBoard(variant int8) Board

NewBoard returns a new board with checkers placed in their starting positions.

func (Board) Analyze

func (b Board) Analyze(available [][4][2]int8, result *[]*Analysis)

func (Board) Available

func (b Board) Available(player int8) ([][4][2]int8, []Board)

Available returns legal moves available.

func (Board) Blots

func (b Board) Blots(player int8) int

func (Board) ChooseDoubles

func (b Board) ChooseDoubles(result *[]*Analysis) int

func (Board) Evaluation

func (b Board) Evaluation(player int8, hitScore int, moves [4][2]int8) *Analysis

func (Board) FirstLast

func (b Board) FirstLast(player int8) (playerFirst int8, opponentLast int8)

func (Board) HaveRoll

func (b Board) HaveRoll(from int8, to int8, player int8) bool

HaveRoll returns whether the player has a sufficient die roll for the specified move.

func (Board) MayBearOff

func (b Board) MayBearOff(player int8) bool

func (Board) Move

func (b Board) Move(from int8, to int8, player int8) Board

Move moves a checker on the board.

func (Board) Past

func (b Board) Past() bool

func (Board) Pips

func (b Board) Pips(player int8) int

func (Board) Print

func (b Board) Print()

func (Board) SecondHalf

func (b Board) SecondHalf(player int8) bool

func (Board) SetValue

func (b Board) SetValue(space int, value int8) Board

func (Board) StartingPosition

func (b Board) StartingPosition(player int8) bool

func (Board) UseRoll

func (b Board) UseRoll(from int8, to int8, player int8) Board

UseRoll uses a die roll. UseRoll must be called before making a move.


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