Package desktop

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Package desktop provides desktop entry scanning and parsing.

Specification: https://freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktop-entry-spec/

func DataDirs

func DataDirs() []string

DataDirs returns a slice of directories where desktop entries are stored.

func RunScript

func RunScript(exec string) (string, error)

RunScript creates a temporary run script consisting of a bash script which removes itself and executes the specified command.

func Scan

func Scan(dirs []string) ([][]*Entry, error)

Scan non-recursively scans provided directories for desktop entry files and parses them. A slice of parsed entries is returned for each directory.

type Entry

Entry represents a parsed desktop entry.

type Entry struct {
    // Type is the type of the entry. It may be Application, Link or Directory.
    Type EntryType

    // Name is the name of the entry.
    Name string

    // GenericName is a generic description of the entry.
    GenericName string

    // Comment is extra information about the entry.
    Comment string

    // Icon is the path to an icon file or name of a themed icon.
    Icon string

    // Path is the directory to start in.
    Path string

    // Exec is the command(s) to be executed when launched.
    Exec string

    // URL is the URL to be visited when launched.
    URL string

    // Terminal controls whether to run in a terminal.
    Terminal bool

func Parse

func Parse(content io.Reader, buf []byte) (*Entry, error)

Parse reads and parses a .desktop file into an *Entry.

func (*Entry) ExpandExec

func (e *Entry) ExpandExec(args string) string

ExpandExec fills keywords in the provided entry's Exec with user arguments.

type EntryType

EntryType may be Application, Link or Directory.

type EntryType int

All entry types

const (
    Unknown     EntryType = iota // Unspecified or unrecognized
    Application                  // Execute command
    Link                         // Open browser
    Directory                    // Open file manager

func (EntryType) String

func (t EntryType) String() string